Posted on May 20, 2019

Cafe Azur - The Blue Jaffle

Cafe Azur is about family, love, and balance. We busy ourselves every day trying to get ahead only to realize that the more we work, the less time we have with the people we love most. Hense, the reason why I spend most of my time working with my wife and entertaining my young family.

Finding balance in this material World is rarely seen or experienced by most. I decided 5 years ago (2014) that time with my family and dealing with my health was far more important than accumulating an endless supply of money. My personal recommendation was finding the middle-way and going in that direction.

In conclusion, I found that my happiness was always connected to helping others. My wife is a great example and inspiration in this regard. I thought I'd follow. In 100 years from now, most of us will have died anyway. What we leave behind will be a reflection of our work. I want it to be Beautiful...
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